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Doctoral Study at the Hybrid Atelier

2 Ph.D. positions are available for the Fall Admissions cycle at the Hybrid Atelier. We are looking for students who identify as strong “makers” with disciplinary backgrounds in either one or more of the following:

Computer Science or Computer Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction, Physical Computing, Affective Computing, Data Science or Visualization
Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering
especially E-textiles and Circuit Design
Bioengineering or Materials Science
especially Microfluidics
Product Design or Fine Arts
especially Textiles, Printmaking, Clay, Glass, or Mold Making
Digital Design
especially Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling
You can apply to the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering or Ph.D. in Computer Science , specify Human-Computer Interaction [HCI] as your track and flag Dr. Cesar Torres in your application. Details on how to apply are available here.

Undergraduate/Graduate Research Opportunities
Are you a UTA student interested in participating in Human-Computer Interaction research?

We are exploring a range of research topics and looking for skilled and passionate undergraduate and graduate students to join us. Details of a few selected projects are below. Contact information is linked to each project.

Research credit is available.

HCI Research Reading Group
A weekly reading group open to undergraduates.

User Studies
Are you interested in evaluating cutting-edge research projects?

Sign up to our user study mailing list to be alerted of user study opportunities throughout the year. Most studies are paid studies with compensation based on expertise.

User studies range from month-long investigations to 15-minute interviews.


FALL 2019

CSE 5308: Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction

A seminar style course reading the latest work and positioning it around historical antecedents in HCI venues including CHI, Ubicomp, UIST, DIS, and CSCW.

Instructor: Dr. Cesar Torres

Fall 2019 • M/W 2-4PM

CSE 2308: Intro to Human-Computer Interaction

Cognitive science, design, user interface design and development, user studies, user experience (UX).

Instructor: Dr. Cesar Torres

M/W 2-4PM
FALL 2020

CSE 4106: Interactive System Design

Signal processing, capacitive, resistive touch, websocket programming, graphics, DOM, web programming, interaction design.

Instructor: Dr. Cesar Torres

M/W 2-4PM

CSE6053: Creativity Support Tools

Creativity theory, cognitive models, ethnographic research methods, bricolage, reflective practice.

Instructor: Dr. Cesar Torres

M/W 2-4PM