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The Hybrid Atelier is a creative technology research makerspace, serving as a nexus between the Arts, Engineering, and Sciences. The atelier is a state-of-the-art digital fabrication facility wedded with craft practices in ceramics, textiles, printmaking, and glass-working. It juxtaposes these two making traditions to examine the dielectical relationship between the digital and physical, the material and immaterial, theory and practice, the academic space and the community space, and the professional and the amateur.

The Hybrid Atelier is part of an exciting, emerging ecosystem of makerspaces at the The University of Texas at Arlington and is supported by the Computer Science & Engineering Department in collaboration with Studio CreaTec in the Art + Art History Department.

We welcome students, staff, and faculty across disciplines to become members of the atelier. We support all technical skill levels. Find out in what ways you can participate here.


Hybrid Space: Physical x Digital Spaces
Mixed-Reality User Interfaces, Interactive System Design, Internet of Things
Hybrid Hand: Human x Machine
Human-(E)Motion Capture and Data Mining, Computational Ethnography, Computer Vision, Computer Haptics
Hybrid Ceramics: Clay x Glass x Smart Materials
Digital Fabrication
Hybrid Textiles: Soft Electronics
Wearables, Signal Processing


The University of Texas System

Prof. Torres receives a A Rising STARS Award.
The Rising STARS award is established by the UT system to help purchase state-of-the-art research equipment and make necessary laboratory renovations to encourage faculty members to perform their research at UT institutions.


ACM C&C 2019
C&C 2019
Hybrid Microgenetic Analysis
Using Activity Codebooks to Identify and Characterize Creative Process
Cesar Torres, Matthew Joerke, Emily Hill, and Eric Paulos
DIS 2019
Crafting Resistive Heaters within Thermoreactive Composites
Cesar Torres, Jessica Chang, Advaita Patel, and Eric Paulos